Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Married Couples


i recently got an email for married couples who enjoy exhibitionism. i hope these can help:

When only ONE person is an exhibitionist:

1. invite friends over! when they are all seated in your living room, have your husband and or wife come down the stairs and say, "hey honey i just woke up from a nap and the showers not working..." blah blah blah, and they will come down the stairs naked, get embarrased, and run upstairs.

thats when the other spouse says, "oh, he usualy runs around naked sometimes, haha"

2. Go outside to garden alone. then the spouse that is an exhibitionist will come outside in a towel and say, "honey, do you know why the water stopped working".... then have the towel fall off.

3. This one is for the bold... and women only. when your at a fancy dinner party, women can wear strapless dresses. pick one that is a little loose. have your partner step on your dress and have your boobs fall out.

4. Pants each other. just do it. some young couples have flirtty chemestry, just pants each other or lift her shirt up just to mess around...mabey you dont have a bra/ underwear on...

5. For intamacy in the bed room, try BDSM ideas. you may be into bondage. try CFNM and or CMNF. Google if you dont know what these are

thats it for now. more later. STAY AWAY FROM KIDS! HAVE FUN!BE SMART

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xxx said...

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Thanks and hope to hear from you!