Saturday, February 20, 2010

Use Facebook

there are facebook groups for almost anything now.

the facebook group "when you have the urge to take off all your clothes in the snow!" has a profile picture of a naked guy

you can do the same thing. just start a facebook group, call it, "when ur naked and are too tired to put on your clothes" or something like that, (it could be anything) then take a pic of yourself, when your naked and barley covered, and use that as the profile pic

for all to see :)

The Doctor's Office part 2

when the doctor comes in, he opens the door (duh)

try to position yourself so that when he opens the door, your exposed. try this:

your "area" is having weird symptoms "or any excuse to look at them" while you wait for the doctor, have them out, examine them for yourself. wait there until he opens the door, exposing yourself

Doctor's Office

The doctors office is a GREAT place to pull of an exhibitionism stunt. now... most people when they go in for a check up the doctor does the ususal, "turn and cough" routine.

yea, thats great, but there is no reason we shouldnt get more out of this experience.

when the doctor is examining your penis or breasts, try asking questions about your areas while you are exposed... like, "you see this part right here? is that normal to have?" you may sound stupid, but stall as long as you can to keep yourself exposed. also ask questions about your butt or any other body part you want to expose

you can also dropp your pants on accident and let them fall around your ankles, exposing your whole lower body

women, when he asks to see your breasts, dont just lift up your shirt, take the whole thing off, and slowly put it back on. you can even ask the doctor to help put your braw back on, just tell him its new and your having troubel putting it back on

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A question for my readers

SHould I write stories? i think i have some good ideas. would you be interested? Leave some comments on what you think. thanks!

For Women Who Garden

Girls: wear a loose t shirt with no bra. garden. when your gardening, use a trough (little shovel) and use it to tear your t shirt, exposing your bare boobs

Pizza Delivery


answer the door naked. they probably wont care :)

For Married Couples


i recently got an email for married couples who enjoy exhibitionism. i hope these can help:

When only ONE person is an exhibitionist:

1. invite friends over! when they are all seated in your living room, have your husband and or wife come down the stairs and say, "hey honey i just woke up from a nap and the showers not working..." blah blah blah, and they will come down the stairs naked, get embarrased, and run upstairs.

thats when the other spouse says, "oh, he usualy runs around naked sometimes, haha"

2. Go outside to garden alone. then the spouse that is an exhibitionist will come outside in a towel and say, "honey, do you know why the water stopped working".... then have the towel fall off.

3. This one is for the bold... and women only. when your at a fancy dinner party, women can wear strapless dresses. pick one that is a little loose. have your partner step on your dress and have your boobs fall out.

4. Pants each other. just do it. some young couples have flirtty chemestry, just pants each other or lift her shirt up just to mess around...mabey you dont have a bra/ underwear on...

5. For intamacy in the bed room, try BDSM ideas. you may be into bondage. try CFNM and or CMNF. Google if you dont know what these are

thats it for now. more later. STAY AWAY FROM KIDS! HAVE FUN!BE SMART